About Marijuana Today Daily

Marijuana Today Daily is a podcast focusing on the most important news of the day in the legal marijuana industry. We cover the who, what, when, where, and why of this fascinating and dynamic industry. If it’s important to know, you’ll hear it here.

Host Shea Gunther helped kick off the student drug reform movement in 1998 by founding Students for Sensible Drug Policy at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Since then, he’s built his career around media, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. He worked with Kris to start one of the nation’s leading providers of wind power and was a top featured writer for the Mother Nature Network, the #1 environmental news site on the web. He frequently consults on a wide range of topics in social marketing, editorial design, and media architecture. Shea is a truly multimodal designer and communicator and besides writing and hosting Marijuana Today Daily, handles all the technical aspects of the show. He recently graduated from a back-to-school stint with a degree in computer science.

Producer Kris Lotlikar brings almost two decades of experience being involved in marijuana politics at a strategic and tactical level. Having helped start Student for Sensible Drug Policy over 15 years ago, Kris has developed strong ties with a generation of activists who have gone on become the leaders in marijuana reform organizations and companies nationwide. Kris is also an expert on business and entrepreneurship, successful running the country’s leading provider of renewable energy with thousands of clients including 144 of the Fortune 500 companies.  He was one of the first to seriously evaluate marijuana markets and produced the first ever market report on the marijuana industry in 2011. His experience with both the politics and economics of marijuana, along with his deep connections across the industry and movement, gives him a broad and critical perspective when discussing current events.


The best way to reach us with news tips, comments, concerns, or questions is by email at headlines@mjtodaydaily.com. We reserve the right to read any email sent to us on-air unless you specifically ask us not to in your message.

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