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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Friday, March 12, 2021 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Key Hawaii Lawmaker Could Kill Marijuana Legalization Bill Despite Senate Approval (Marijuana Moment)

// Biden Pick For Top Justice Department Role Backpedals On Decriminalizing Drugs (Marijuana Moment)

// Virginia Governor Considers Speeding Up Legal Marijuana Timeline (Marijuana Moment (Virginia Mercury))

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// Rhode Island Governor Puts Marijuana Legalization Plan In Budget Days After Lawmakers File Competing Plan (Marijuana Moment)

// British American Tobacco strikes deal with Canada’s Organigram portending similar tie-ups with US cannabis firms (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Metrc outages in California ‘causing a lot of heartburn’ for marijuana companies (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Ayr Wellness Delivers Solid Quarter (Green Market Report)

// Marijuana SPAC Silver Spike II prices IPO to raise $250 million (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Hundreds in Arizona spend $25000 each to enter cannabis license lottery (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Gov. Ricketts: ‘If you legalize marijuana you’re gonna kill your kids’ (WOWT 6 NBC News)

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