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A very close-up photograph shows a swing growing marijuana bud. The extreme magnification reveals thick white marijuana hairs festoon with similarly white resin balls; they are tiny and there are hundreds of them seen.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Friday, November 20, 2020 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Mexican Senate Passes Bill To Legalize Marijuana Nationwide (Marijuana Moment)

// New Jersey Senate And Assembly Committee Pass Marijuana Sales Bills Despite Pushback From Equity Advocates (Marijuana Moment)

// Rhode Island Considers Legalization to Solve Budget Crisis (High Times)

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// $6 billion question: Which states are likely to legalize recreational marijuana in 2021? (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Cresco Labs Delivers Another Blowout Quarter (Green Market Report)

// Harborside Q3 Gross Revenue Increases 21% Sequentially to $19.6 Million (New Cannabis Ventures)

// Ayr Strategies Q3 Revenue Increases 61% Sequentially to $45.5 Million (New Cannabis Ventures)

// TILT Holdings Q3 Revenue Increases 5% Sequentially to $40.4 Million and Company Divests Blackbird Subsidiary (New Cannabis Ventures)

// Decriminalize marijuana says NC racial justice task force created by Gov. Cooper (McClatchy DC)

// Madison Wisconsin will stop arresting people for marijuana possession (Leafly)

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Photo: Don Goofy/Flickr

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