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The Colorado state capitol dome is seen from street level looking up set against a cloud-free blue sky. A flag pole sits in front of the golden dome itself and carries a waving American flag set atop a Colorado flag. The sunlight nicely highlights the stone sculpted figures in the buildings front.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Friday, October 2, 2020 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Colorado Governor Grants Thousands Of Marijuana Pardons With New Clemency Powers (Marijuana Moment)

// Vermont Bill To Legalize Marijuana Sales In Question After Governor Cites Racial Justice Objections (Marijuana Moment)

// Schwazze backs out of deal to acquire marijuana R&D firm MedPharm (Marijuana Business Daily)

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// Mixed Arizona Marijuana Polls Raise Questions About Legalization Ballot Measure’s Prospects (Marijuana Moment)

// More than one-quarter of Portland’s would-be cannabis retailers face disqualification (Central Maine (Press Herald))

// Michigan Prosecutor Will No Longer Pursue Possession Cases for Psychedelics (Merry Jane)

// Cannabis MSO Acreage raises $33M, partly to pay off higher-interest debt (Marijuana Business Daily)

// California Governor Approves Changes To Marijuana Banking And Labeling Laws (Marijuana Moment)

// Pot prices at Ontario Cannabis Store rival those of illicit market for the first time (Toronto Star (Canadian Press))

// House Approves Marijuana Banking Protections For Third Time As Part Of New COVID Bill (Marijuana Moment)

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Photo: Jimmy Emerson- DVM/Flickr

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