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A dystopian scene as a San Francisco's hilly neighborhood is cast into a dull warm tan tone by skies choked with wildfire smoke. A blurred utility pole is seen in the foreground against the detailed houses- each with lights on even though its the middle of the day. None of this is OK.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Tuesday, September 29, 2020 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Croptober Is Going Up In Smoke Amid Wildfires: Cannabis Weekly (BNN Bloomberg)

// Nebraska Activists Unveil New Medical Marijuana Initiative For 2022 Following Supreme Court Defeat (Marijuana Moment)

// Massachusetts marijuana regulators close in on cannabis home delivery plan (Mass Live)

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// In South Dakota voters have to shout twice to legalize marijuana (Leafly)

// New Jersey Marijuana Campaign Launches First Ad As Poll Shows Support For Legalization Referendum (Marijuana Moment)

// Oregon Hemp Litigation: Does Oregon’s Eviction Moratorium Apply to Cannabis Businesses? (Canna Law Blog)

// Top Illinois And Michigan Officials Give Marijuana Legalization Advice To Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor (Marijuana Moment)

// Coronavirus outbreak has led more to support N.J. ballot question on legal weed, poll finds (NJ.com)

// iAnthus Recapitalization Dismissed By Judge (Green Market Report)

// Where to find Maine’s recreational marijuana stores (Leafly)

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