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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Tuesday, August 18, 2020 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Democratic State Treasurers Step Up Marijuana Banking Push Following GOP Attacks (Marijuana Moment)

// Local Marijuana Bans In California Keep Illicit Market Alive And Block Revenue, Study Shows (Marijuana Moment)

// Portland likely to miss out on Maine’s first adult-use marijuana sales (Sun Journal (Press Herald))

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// Marijuana Activists Ask Supreme Court To Hear Their Case Against DEA (Marijuana Moment)

// Colorado Rec Shoppers Switching Back To Medical (Green Market Report)

// Ownership equity threshold stirs debate at CCC (Taunton Gazette)

// Massachusetts Senate primary begs the question: Which candidate loves legalization least? (Leafly)

// Curaleaf Q2 Revenue Increases 22% sequentially to $117.5 million (New Cannabis Ventures)

// Marijuana company will destroy $2.6 million inventory of year-old vapes (Boston Globe)

// Seth Rogen’s Pandemic PSA: Swap Partying For Weed And Movies (Fresh Toast)

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