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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Monday, January 27, 2020 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Trump Says Marijuana Makes People ‘Lose IQ Points’ In Secret Recording (Forbes)

// Cuomo amends marijuana legalization plan, but not enough yet for lawmakers (Buffalo News)

// Missouri licenses 192 medical marijuana dispensaries (Marijuana Business Daily)

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// Aphria Lands $100 Million Investment From Single Institutional Investor (New Cannabis Ventures)

// Massachusetts to sell $900 million worth of weed in 2020, says analyst (Market Watch)

// Cannabis REIT Raises $217 Million with Equity Offering (New Cannabis Ventures)

// CSU Grad Who Owns Medical Marijuana Company Grants $1.5 Million Toward School’s Cannabis Research (CBS Denver)

// Cannabis Industry: 2020 Predictions (Forbes)

// Adult use ‘permit’ to be removed from USVI cannabis bill (Vibe High)

// I Saw the Future Standing in Line for Weed in Illinois. Then I Drove Back to the Past. (Esquire)

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