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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Friday, October 18, 2019 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Oregon appeals court halts governor’s vaping ban on flavored tobacco products (Oregon Live)

// Northeast governors explore regional standards for vaping, e-cigarette products (Politico)

// Jamaica’s government wants to talk to Trump about marijuana (Boston Globe)

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// $1.1 billion worth of cannabis sold in Canada’s first year of legalization (Leafly)

// Weed Edibles Are Finally Legal in Canada, But They’re Still Not for Sale (Merry Jane)

// Expunging marijuana convictions would be easy under new Michigan bill (Detroit Metro Times)

// Buying cannabis licenses on secondary market more of a sure bet than applying for state business permits (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Report: Draft law to legalize recreational cannabis in Mexico handed to Senate commissions (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Dionymed Implodes As CEO COO Resign, Creditor Demands $24 Million (Green Market Report)

// Chicago’s Black Leaders Voice Equity Concerns Over New Illinois Marijuana Law (Huffington Post)

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