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An exteme close-up of a mature marijuana leaf shows encrusted crystals.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Thursday, October 17, 2019 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// New Mexico Governor’s Working Group Releases Marijuana Legalization Proposal (Marijuana Moment)

// CDC Official Pushes Back Against Congressman Linking Legal Marijuana To Vaping Deaths (Marijuana Moment)

// Where Canada’s Political Parties Stand On Marijuana And Drugs Ahead Of The Election (Marijuana Moment)

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// Colorado’s largest cannabis grower loses millions of dollars in early freeze; supply disruption expected (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Florida Supreme Court Justices To Take Up Major Medical Marijuana Case (CBS 4 Miami)

// This Canadian Company Is Now Selling $4 Grams to Combat the Black Market (Merry Jane)

// Cannabis advertising firm Weedmaps cuts 100-plus jobs in response to slow adult-use market rollouts (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Snoop Dogg Has A Salaried Marijuana Blunt Roller On Staff (Marijuana Moment)

// How mainstream media botched the vape lung story (Leafly)

// Chicago allows some adult-use cannabis sales downtown (Marijuana Business Daily)

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