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The Colorado Rockies shine with red sunlight as the day begins.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Thursday, September 12, 2019 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Medicine Man Technologies buying Colorado marijuana firm for $31 million (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Weedmaps reiterates pledge to drop illicit marijuana retailers; L.A. dispensary group calls for immediate fines amid vaping crisis (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Aurora Cannabis Q4 Revenue Increases 52% to $98.9 Million (New Cannabis Ventures)

These headlines are brought to you by Curaleaf, one of the leading vertically-integrated cannabis operators in the U.S. With legal medical marijuana dispensaries, cultivation sites, and processing facilities all over the United States, Curaleaf has served more than 100,000 medical cannabis patients and looks forward to helping many more long into the future. Swing over to to learn more about this very cool company!

// Florida’s medical cannabis industry has only one truly dominant player (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Cannabis Patient Risks Losing Child Custody for Taking CBD Medication (Merry Jane)

// DEA wants to expand cannabis grown for research by 31% (Marijuana Business Daily)

// California Lawmakers Use Cryptocurrency To Buy Marijuana From Dispensary (Marijuana Moment)

// Marijuana Industry Groups Urge Congressional Action Amid Vaping-Related Injuries (Marijuana Moment)

// Amazon quietly pulls marijuana vape materials from site after illnesses, deaths (MPR News)

// Portland hemp hauler will avoid jail in Idaho case (Portland Business Journal)

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