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A road rises to meet the surrounding Arizona landscape under a bright sun.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Monday, June 10, 2019 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Gov. Ducey Signs Bill Making Arizona Marijuana Cards Valid for 2 Years (AZ Marijuana)

// Ocasio-Cortez wants to lead the charge for magic mushrooms research (NY Post)

// Kroger joins growing number of CBD retailers in Mich. (Detroit News)

Today’s headlines are brought to you by our friends at the Om of Medicine medical marijuana provisioning center of Ann Arbor, Michigan. If you live in or around the Ann Arbor area, swing in and see why so many Michigan medical marijuana patients drive long distances by other shops to shop at the Om of Medicine.

// Mainers can have their say about new recreational marijuana rules on Monday (Bangor Daily News)

// Jamaican Official Says Government Will Pressure U.S. To Pass Marijuana Banking Bill (Marijuana Moment)

// Auction of licensed California cannabis business brings in $8.25 million (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Police end regular patrols at Amherst pot shop for now (New Haven Register (AP))

// UK Authorities Confiscated a Child’s Medical Marijuana… Again. (Civilized)

// Rhode Island Senate Approves Bill Allowing Supervised Consumption Sites For Illegal Drugs (Marijuana Moment)

// Toronto using concrete blocks to prevent unlicensed marijuana dispensaries from reopening (Global News)

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