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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Wednesday, February 27, 2019 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Congress asked the Fed chief about marijuana banking: ‘It would be nice to have clarity’ (CNBC)

// Vermont Senate Expected To Vote On Legal Marijuana Sales Bill This Week (Marijuana Moment)

// All 2020 presidential candidates now support marijuana legalization efforts – even the Republicans (Boston Globe)

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// Owning marijuana stocks may skunk your security clearance or chances of getting one (Federal News Network)

// Arizona’s Dr. Sisley Completes Marijuana for PTSD Study (AZ Marijuana)

// Alaska’s marijuana business owners at odds with new governor’s plans for industry (Marijuana Business Daily)

// FDA Is Exploring ‘Alternative Approaches’ To CBD Regulation Commissioner Says (Marijuana Moment)

// Marijuana Tax Revenue Should Fund Subway Improvement New York’s Cuomo And De Blasio Say (Marijuana Moment)

// Joe Biden’s Drug War Record Is So Much Worse Than You Think (Leafly)

// Aurora’s CA$150 million cannabis greenhouse fully licensed for cultivation sales (Marijuana Business Daily)

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