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The high-design touch of a MedMen dispensary is seen without shoppers or staff.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Friday, October 12, 2018 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// MedMen to Acquire PharmaCann for $682 Million in Stock (New Cannabis Ventures)

// Successful Constitutional Case Against Death Penalty Works For War on Drugs, Too (Marijuana Moment)

// Trump Plans To Back Legal Medical Marijuana After Midterms, GOP Congressman Says (Marijuana Moment)

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// Exclusive: Facebook stops blocking marijuana search results ahead of Canadian legalization (Market Watch)

// Massachusetts pot shop inspections drag, but state says process protects public (Boston Herald)

// Cannabis companies ramp up marketing as Health Canada warns them not to advertise pot (Ottawa Citizen)

// Lab: More than 20 percent of Hawaii medical marijuana products rejected for sale (Hawaii News Now)

// United Kingdom sets date for allowing medical cannabis prescriptions (Marijuana Business Daily)

// MTech Acquisition Corp. and MJ Freeway LLC Announce Merger Agreement (Green Market Report)

// Watch Story Of 81-Year Old Michigan Woman Jailed For Marijuana Possession (Weed News)

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