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A fat roll of hundred dollar bills is seen close-up with a limited depth-of-field.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Tuesday, July 24, 2018 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Marijuana operator Acreage Holdings announces landmark $119 million funding (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Los Angeles Licensing Delays Hit Minority Applicants Hard (Leafly)

// Oklahoma Marijuana Legalization Unlikely to be Ready for November Vote, Secretary of State Says (Marijuana.com)

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// Vermont AG: It’s Illegal for Businesses to ‘Gift’ Marijuana (Seven Days VT)

// California’s Cannabis Cities Reap Millions in Sales Taxes the Rest Miss Out (Leafly)

// Legalizing Drugs Would Boost US Budgets By $100 Billion, Harvard Researcher Concludes (Marijuana Moment)

// Politicians Turn To Facebook To Promote Marijuana Legalization Views (Marijuana Moment)

// Chart: Maryland medical marijuana sales head toward $100 million in first year (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Aurora Cannabis Employee Benefits Plan Now Reimburses Medical Cannabis (New Cannabis Ventures)

// Detroit Police Gang Unit Raids Black-Owned -Operated Marijuana Warehouse and Arrest 6 (Marijuana.com)

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