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A well-lit and budded marijuana plant approaches harvest time.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Friday, June 15, 2018 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Senate Committee Keeps Medical Marijuana Protections In Place (Marijuana Moment)

// Fed Reserve chair: Without lawmakers’ guidance, banks can’t take cannabis money (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Massachusetts Pot Shops By July 1? Not So Fast, Says State Panel (New England Public Radio)

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// Maine Supreme Court: Workers’ Comp Doesn’t Cover Medical Marijuana ( (AP))

// Sens. Warren And Gardner On Why Marijuana Policy Should Be Left To States (WBUR)

// Tax Court Again Denies Deductions Of State-Legal Marijuana Facility (Forbes)

// TGOD to Acquire 49% of Jamaica’s Epican (New Cannabis Ventures)

// NM medical marijuana advisory board cancels meeting, struggles to fill vacancies (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Nevada opens up 84 potential recreational marijuana licenses to limited field (Marijuana Business Daily)

// The Pot Industry Is Overwhelmingly White and One Congresswoman Wants to Change That (Rolling Stone)

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