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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Tuesday, May 29, 2018 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Judge Says Florida’s Ban on Smokable Medical Marijuana Is Unconstitutional (Leafly (AP))

// Legalization Advocate Rep. Tom Garrett Drops Re-election Bid Citing Alcoholism (Leafly)

// Alaskan Police Chief Calls Cannabis Prohibition ‘Counterproductive’ (Civilized)

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// California Marijuana Tax Cut Plan Fails To Advance (CBS 13 Sacramento)

// Congressional Republicans Block Marijuana And Drug Policy Reforms In DC (Marijuana Moment)

// Senators Approve Funds For Feds To Restore Cannabis Genetics (Marijuana Moment)

// Thomas Jefferson University Is Creating The Largest Medical Marijuana Patient Database On The Planet (Herb)

// Aphria Joint Venture to Acquire 60% of Licensed African Cannabis Extracts Producer Verve (New Cannabis Ventures)

// Manitoba civil servant policy says booze OK marijuana not at office parties (Alaska Highway News)

// Cannabis a big hit at the Home Garden Flower show (Conway Daily Sun)

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