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A group of marijuana plants sits in an enclosed outdoor growing space nearly ready for harvest.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Monday, February 5, 2018 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Oregon’s Top Federal Prosecutor Holds Cannabis Summit (Leafly)

// Canadian Cannabis Companies Correct After Capital Raising Crescendo (Forbes)

// Opening Day For Recreational Marijuana Shops May Be Delayed Again (CBS Boston)

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// MedMen Becomes The First Marijuana Unicorn (Green Market Report)

// Medical marijuana sales, caregivers, and patient numbers decline (Portland Press Herald)

// While Some California DAs Are Throwing Out Old Pot Convictions, L.A. County’s Jackie Lacey Takes a Different Path (KTLA 5)

// Canadian medical marijuana firm begins sell-off of U.S. cannabis assets (Cannabist)

// Marijuana sales in Alaska drop for second month in a row (Cannabist (AP))

// Ohio awards contract for medical marijuana customer call center (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Beware Cannabis Companies Aggressively Soliciting Investment (New Cannabis Ventures)

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