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A silhouetted group of U.S. Marines stands out in the desert.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Wednesday, December 20, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// V.A. Issues New Medical Marijuana Policy For Military Veterans (Forbes)

// VA refutes rumors of a new policy on medical marijuana (Air Force Times)

// Many cannabis users aren’t convinced that marijuana causes impaired driving: survey (National Post )

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// Commission explores tax issues related to recreational marijuana legalization (WMUR )

// Pennsylvania Approves Two More Medical Marijuana Production Facilities (Weed News)

// Trudeau says cannabis will become legal ‘next summer,’ not July 1 (CTV News)

// Will wholesale cannabis slide to $500 a pound in California’s regulated recreational market? (Marijuana Business Daily)

// As Marijuana Industry Grows Workers Begin to Unionize (KQED )

// Top state medical official: Mothers using marijuana should still breastfeed (Webcenter 11 NBC)

// Shake-up at National Cannabis Industry Association (Marijuana Business Daily)

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Photo: U.S. Department of Agriculture/Flickr

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