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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Wednesday, December 13, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// With New Cannabis Cafes, You Can Smoke ‘Em Where You Bought ‘Em (WBUR News)

// Colorado releases a trove of marijuana sales data (Cannabist)

// Legislative committee dives into another go at recreational marijuana bill (Portland Press Herald)

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// GW Pharma Closes $317.4 Million Equity Offering (New Cannabis Ventures)

// What Effect Does Legal Weed Have On Colorado’s Homeless? Maybe Not What You Think (Colorado Public Radio)

// Third Canadian pharmacy strikes pact to be a medical marijuana supplier (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Is California’s Weed Market Ready For Legalization After A Year Of Wildfires? (Fast Company)

// Will New Data Change Jeff Sessions’ Mind on Legalizing Weed? Teen Cannabis Use Dips in Legal States (Newsweek)

// New Jersey’s New Governor Promises to Legalize Pot in His First 100 Days – Is That Even Possible? (Merry Jane)

// Hydropothecary C$80 Million Greenhouse Expansion Targets 108 Million Grams of Total Cannabis Production Capacity (New Cannabis Ventures)

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