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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Friday, December 1, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Ohio picks 12 businesses to grow medical marijuana (

// New bill requires all medical marijuana program doctors to be listed on NYS website (Staten Island Real-Times News)

// Medical Marijuana Patients In Texas Worry About Shortage Of Registered Doctors (Houston Public Media)

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// Cann Group raises $60m; expects Aussie cannabis exports to start soon (Stockhead)

// Canadian marijuana advocate blasts ‘hypocrisy’ of ex-police cashing in on cannabis (The Guardian)

// State Seeks Answers To Marijuana Convention Questions (Nevada Public Radio)

// Oklahoma proposal would allow hemp-based CBD production (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Here’s What Canada Could Look Like When Marijuana Is Legal (Huffington Post Canada)

// In Italy the army provides medical marijuana. And that’s a problem. (Washington Post)

// A Canadian Politician Just Said Legalizing Marijuana Will Spark Massive Bloodshed And A Communist Revolution (Civilized)

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