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New Jersey's newly elected governor Phil Murphy grins widely for a photo in a dinner while holding up a white ceramic coffee cup.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Wednesday, November 8, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Election results: Recreational cannabis legalization strong possibility in New Jersey + wins in Detroit (Marijuana Business Daily)

// California treasurer wants the state to study a public bank option for pot businesses (LA Times)

// Only one-third of marijuana extracts accurately labeled, researchers say (CNN)

These headlines are brought to you by our friends over at Students for Sensible Drug Policy, the most effective agents of change in the world of drug policy reform. If you’re a student yourself, get involved by joining or starting a chapter at your school. If you’ve aged out of the student set, you should be donating money to SSDP every month to help them continue their fight.

// Massachusetts marijuana oversight board seeks $7.5 million budget (MassLive)

// Republicans say they’ll block marijuana bill again if it isn’t overhauled (Portland Press Herald)

// Push to Legalize Recreational Pot in Illinois Takes Step Forward (NBC Chicago)

// SF supervisors offer more changes to recreational cannabis legislation (San Francisco Gate)

// Will recreational pot in Mass. kill RI’s medical marijuana program? (Providence Journal)

// Cannabis Companies Struggle To Be Charitable (CBS Denver)

// Marijuana to be sold through private stores in Manitoba (Globe and Mail)

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Photo: Phil Murphy for Governor/Flickr

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