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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Monday, October 16, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

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// DPH slows medical marijuana fixes infuriated patients (Boston Globe)

// Razed California crops expose blind spots in insurance and regulation (Consumer Affairs)

// Michigan officials prepare for influx of medical marijuana applications (Detroit Free Press)

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// Researcher: Colorado’s $2.1M Dollar Pot Research Investment at Risk (Rocky Mountain PBS)

// Revenue cost estimates hazy on marijuana implementation (Portland Press Herald)

// Massachusetts DPH Clears the Air for For-Profit Conversion of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (National Law Review)

// LA proposes limiting who can appeal marijuana dispensary licenses (Daily Bruin)

// Florida Medical Marijuana Patients Face up to Three Month Delay for State-Issued ID Cards (Merry Jane)

// Prohibitionist Post: 125 years covering Colorado’s love-hate affair with alcohol and cannabis (Denver Post)

// Illinois high school confiscates student paper over marijuana story (Student Press Law Center)


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