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Soon-to-be-former head of the DEA Chuck Rosenburg is seen on C-SPAN testifying in front of a Congressional committee.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Wednesday, September 27, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// DEA administrator plans to step down (Washington Post)

// Do not tell U.S. border guards that you’ve smoked pot, despite what some say: lawyer (Global News)

// Mass. pot czar to push ‘strong economic benefits’ of dispensaries to towns (Boston Globe)

These headlines are brought to you by the science nerds over at Extractioneering, who bring a whole lot of smart brainy science to the art of creating cannabis extractions and concentrates.

// Pot Farmer to Neighbors: Chill Out. Neighbors: No. (New York Times)

// Almost half of Canadians willing to try cannabis-infused food: study (Chronicle Herald)

// Marijuana Should Be Available At Private Retailers, Two-Thirds Of Canadians Say (Huffington Post)

// Aurora Cannabis a billion-dollar pot producer posts $6M in revenue (Calgary Herald)

// Colorado marijuana edibles makers bracing for new standards (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Cannabis Legalization Boosts Property Values, Study Says (Leafly)

// Georgia Tech sports teams consider changes to policies on marijuana and other drugs (Cannabist)

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Photo: C-SPAN

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