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A gaggle of police officers gathersnear lined- and lit-up police cars after an arrest.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Trump Administration Makes It Harder To Track Marijuana Arrests (But I Did It Anyway) (Forbes)

// L.A. is set to be a hot market for marijuana sales. But there might not be many places to smoke it (Los Angeles Times)

// As Legalization Looms, Toronto Wrangles Where to Allow Smoking (Leafly)

These headlines are brought to you by the science nerds over at Extractioneering, who bring a whole lot of smart brainy science to the art of creating cannabis extractions and concentrates.

// Marijuana industry groups to LA: Don’t shut out existing suppliers (Los Angeles Daily News)

// California Pot Trends Already Resemble Colorado’s Retail Market (Westword)

// U.S. Wholesale Cannabis Prices Down 18.6% During First Half of 2017, Despite Relative Stability (Marijuana Industry News)

// Israel Cannabis Market Could Be Worth $1.1 Billion By 2022 (Green Market Report)

// Marijuana task-force member’s move to legal weed company raises conflict-of-interest concerns (National Post)

// Quarter of Seattle cancer patients turn to marijuana to help cope with pain, stress, and nausea (Independent)

// Vail Valley ranchers say they have the only zero-carbon footprint marijuana grow in Colorado (Vail Daily)

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