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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Thursday, August 10, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Latino Lawmakers Endorse Legalizing Marijuana (MassRoots)

// San Diego DA’s Prosecution of Pot Attorney Has Sent Chills Through the Legal Community (Voices of San Diego)

// Letter from Clark County to marijuana industry: Don’t promote public pot use (Las Vegas Sun)

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// Colorado lawmaker calls Sessions’ marijuana policy letters a ‘political ploy’ (Cannabist)

// Made-in-L.A. Marijuana Strains Find a Market in Las Vegas (LA Weekly)

// With pot legal state, vows crackdown on impaired drivers (

// This former minister expects to make $22 million next year selling marijuana (CNBC)

// After 2015 legalization, Texans may be able to buy medical cannabis oil by January (Texas Tribune)

// Medical marijuana companies in Canada capitalizing on ‘insane’ growth abroad (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Seattle Drops Fine Against Hempfest (Leafly (AP))

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