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Student actors play a scene from the play Reefer Madness, with one young actor with marijuana joint to lip being offered an array of lights from friends.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Thursday, July 27, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Congressional Committee Slams Marijuana’s Schedule I Status (MassRoots)

// Court rejects challenge to medical marijuana registration (Las Vegas Sun)

// Come January, California will have too much pot (Ventura County Star)

These headlines are brought to you by the science nerds over at Extractioneering, who bring a whole lot of smart brainy science to the art of creating cannabis extractions and concentrates.

// L.A. Could Ban the Production of Dabs (LA Weekly)

// Cannabis social media platform MassRoots raises $1.2 million (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Marijuana companies could soon face major upheaval at federal level (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Getting records from Massachusetts State Police continues to be a challenge – even after you pay for them (MuckRock News)

// How Pa. doctors will handle medical marijuana (

// Medicine Man Technologies Closes Denver Consulting Group Acquisition (New Cannabis Ventures)

// Maine Governor Wants Recreational Marijuana Legalization Repealed (Merry Jane)

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