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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Thursday, July 20, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Massachusetts Legislature Backs Deal on Recreational Pot Law (New York Times (AP))

// About 45 percent of Americans have tried marijuana new Gallup, poll finds (Trib Live)

// Legal Marijuana Advocates Not Interested In Study Commissions (MassRoots )

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// Distribution Woes Are a Major Buzzkill for the California Pot Industry (LA Weekly)

// ‘Major milestone’: Colorado hits half a billion in cannabis tax revenue (Cannabist)

// Marijuana Stigma Hurts Doctor-Patient Relationship, Study Says (Leafly)

// Bad weed- Marijuana is now legal in an entire country – but the weed is weak (Vice News)

// Competitive grants for Colorado marijuana tax funding mean some schools miss out (Cannabist)

// Reward jumps to $55,000 for robbers who killed veteran guarding Colorado pot dispensary (Cannabist)

// Undercover Cops Gave Denver’s Church of Cannabis Founders Public Smoking (Merry Jane)

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