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The elaborate glass dome of the Massachusetts State House is seen from below.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Tuesday, July 18, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Read the Massachusetts marijuana bill: Lawmakers release compromise rewriting of the state’s pot and medical marijuana laws (Mass Live)

// Jeff Sessions Ready to Ramp Up More Asset Forfeitures (Leafly)

// Marijuana ruling by Massachusetts high court ‘first case of its kind in the country’ (Mass Live)

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// Editorial: Smoking Marijuana While Black (New York Times)

// The Haymaker: How Prohibition Aided a Pennsylvania Murder Spree (Leafly)

// Maine Takes Advice From Colorado’s ‘Marijuana Czar’ (Weed Daily)

// Canadian Dollars Are Funding Global Cannabis Expansion (Marijuana.com)

// Texarkana board approves two medical marijuana regulations (KSLA News)

// San Francisco Office Of Cannabis To Regulate Recreational Marijuana Sales (CBS San Francisco)

// Congressmen Tell Marijuana Jokes (MassRoots)

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