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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Monday, May 8, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Senate Vote Keeps Pot Bill In Play But House Still Undecided On Legalization This Year (Vermont Public Radio)

// John Morgan calls for special session on medical marijuana (My News 13)

// Trump indicated where he stands on medical marijuana for the first time since he took office (Business Insider)

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// Dasvidaniya Drug Czar: Trump to Axe White House Drug Policy Office (Leafly)

// Health Canada orders medical marijuana growers to test for banned pesticides (Ottawa Citizen)

// Medical Marijuana Bill Moves Forward After More than Half of the Texas House Signs on (Texas Observer)

// N.Y. Health Department releases medical marijuana provider list (Times Union)

// Marijuana isn’t attracting homeless people to Denver or Colorado, according to “best data we have” (Denverite)

// Nevada lawmakers back blood-only detection of marijuana DUIs (Kansas City Star)

// Judge blasts ‘ridiculous’ 18-year sentence for marijuana (WKOW)

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