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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Monday, May 1, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Federal medical cannabis protections extended another week (Marijuana Business Daily)

// California issues draft regulations for medical marijuana industry (Marijuana Business Daily)

// NY medical marijuana companies sue over state’s plan to expand program (Times Union)

These headlines are brought to you by the science nerds over at Extractioneering, who bring a whole lot of smart brainy science to the art of creating cannabis extractions and concentrates.

// Georgia Lawmaker Deals Cannabis Oil in Shadows of the Law (Leafly)

// Leafly Investigation: Is Washington’s Top Cannabis Lab Inflating THC Numbers? (Leafly)

// Mexican Congress approves use of medical marijuana (Reuters)

// Infighting threatens sale of Florida marijuana dispensary (Miami Herald)

// The Arkansas Board of Health finalizes medical marijuana rules, needs to be reviewed by lawmakers (THV11 CBS)

// House prepares medical marijuana bill for vote (Saint Peters Blog)

// NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Thinks Cannabis Is Addictive (Merry Jane)

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