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A nighttime shot of a residential street is light up by a number of police car lights.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Thursday, April 6, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Marijuana enforcement policy to be reviewed by Justice Department (CBS News)

// TSA Backtracks On Medical Marijuana Policy Change (MassRoots)

// Legal Marijuana Bogs Down In Legislature, Appears Unlikely This Year (Hartford Courant)

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// WV Senate accepts stricter medical marijuana bill (Charleston Gazette-Mail)

// Regulators to look at loosening pot-business restrictions in small Alaska towns (Alaska Dispatch News)

// Alaska Marijuana Regulators Delay Onsite Use Debate (US News & World Report)

// Columbia Care begins medical marijuana delivery in WNY (WHEC 10 NBC)

// New internal trade deal tills soil for cross-Canada marijuana regulation (The Hamilton Spectator)

// Cannabis Lab Testing Is The Industry’s Dirty Little Secret (Forbes)

// G Pen Maker Awarded $47m in Counterfeit Case (Leafly)

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