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Riley Hancey sits in a hospital bed ahead of a lung transplant operation surrounded by family and his medical team.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Denied: A 19-Year-Old Nearly Died After A Hospital Said His Pot-Smoking Made Him A Bad Transplant Patient (BuzzFeed)

// UPDATE Medical marijuana passes House 76-24; Senate takes no action (Register-Herald)

// New Data Suggests Nearly 60% of Americans Across Almost All Demographics Want Marijuana Legalized (Merry Jane)

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// Aphria to Invest $25mm in Liberty Health Sciences, Acquire Florida MMJ Company CHT Medical (New Cannabis Ventures)

// Medical marijuana bill more closely aligned to voter-passed measure OK’d in ND House (WDAZ 8 ABC)

// Maryland House passes bill that would add medical marijuana licenses (Baltimore Sun)

// California moves to unite conflicting cannabis laws (Sacramento Bee)

// MN Dept. of Agriculture Approves Huge Growth of Hemp Production (Alpha News)

// Lawmakers split on how to regulate retail marijuana sales in Maine (Portland Press Herald)

// To farmers, cannabis could mean much bigger bucks than tomatoes (Boston Globe)

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Photo: Hancey family

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