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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Wednesday, March 1, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Attorney General Sessions wants to know the science on marijuana and opioids. Here it is. (Washington Post)

// New York’s medical marijuana law sponsors say Health Department should slow its roll on adding more growers (NY Daily News)

// Before Legalization, Scott Wants Impairment Test That Doesn’t Exist Yet (Valley News)

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// Colorado AG wants Sessions to look at state’s marijuana industry before imposing crackdown (The Denver Channel)

// Oregon’s Governor Pushes Back Against Stricter Marijuana Laws (KHSU)

// Alaska marijuana tax revenue dropped in January (Alaska Dispatch News)

// Maine Marijuana Panel Deluged With Comments (Maine Public)

// Workshop held for Maine municipal leaders on legal marijuana (WLBZ 2 NBC)

// Feds To Track Marijuana Employment (MassRoots)

// Sir Patrick Stewart confesses he relies on CANNABIS SPRAY to keep his hands working (Express)

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