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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Monday, February 27, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

Correction: On Friday’s show I used the word “transgendered”. That is incorrect; the correct term is “transgender”. I regret the mistake and apologize. Read for more info: Huffington Post: Transgender or Transgendered?

// Roger Stone: Marijuana crackdown would be ‘huge mistake’ (The Hill)

// Trump To Reveal Medical Marijuana Policy Soon (MassRoots)

// ‘Wrong time to pull back’: Colorado governor chastises Trump administration for anti-legal-weed stance (Business Insider)

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// Maine police seek clarity on White House spokesman’s pot comments (Portland Press Herald)

// NFLPA: Marijuana policy in NFL is “a CBA issue, not a law-enforcement issue” (Denver Post)

// Southern University in Search of Cultivator for Louisiana’s MMJ Program (Marijuana Industry News)

// Here’s the final draft of the Ark. Medical Marijuana Commission rules (THV 11 CBS)

// Court: Issuing water right to grow pot is OK (Post Independent)

// A hitch in Nevada’s legal pot law may prevent licensing distributors (Nevada Appeal)

// Can they do that? Startup delivers lemonade with ‘very special gift’ (Boston Globe)



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