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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Friday, February 10, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Colorado sold $1.3 billion worth of marijuana in 2016 (Cannabist)

// Sexy Pizza and allies file suit against Colorado so their customers can use weed and alcohol (Denverite)

// Double-Digit Price Declines in Wholesale Cannabis Markets in 2016 Driven by Changes in Cultivation Methods and Greater Supply (Marijuana Industry News)

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// State seizes CBD products from marijuana stores (Alaska Dispatch News)

// Lawmakers puzzle over how to allow pot to be carried inter-island (Hawaii News Now)

// Cuomo says he remains opposed to recreational marijuana (Politico)

// Peru’s government proposes to legalise medical marijuana (Independent)

// Why Cannabis is the Best Medicine on the Planet for Professional Football Players (

// New Market: Fierce competition for licenses in Pennsylvania’s emerging MMJ program (Marijuana Business Daily)

// VIDEO: Sasquatch sighting at the “X” in Springfield (WWLP 22 News)

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