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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Tuesday, February 7, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Former Industry Officials in Minnesota Face Felony Charges for Illegal Shipment (Leafly)

// Pueblo county fighting to hang onto $1.6 mil. in retail pot tax (KOAA News 5 NBC)

// Trump On NFL Marijuana Punishments (Mass Roots)

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// 3 out of 5 in R.I. support legalized recreational marijuana, poll says (Providence Journal)

// Democrats push for medical marijuana after Vos says he’s open to idea (Milwaukee WIsconsin Journal Sentinel)

// Ark state rep. introduces bill to prevent military members from using medical marijuana (THV 11 CBS)

// Marijuana testing firm gets Maryland license (Technically Baltimore)

// OLCC Allows Hemp-Infused Alcohol Under Limited Conditions (Marijuana Industry News)

// Where Are the Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida? We Mapped Them. (Leafly)

// Chart: Arizona growing into medical marijuana juggernaut (Marijuana Business Daily)

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