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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Wednesday, January 4, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Maine Marijuana Legalization Takes Effect On January 30th (Weed News)

// BDS Analytics Replaces New Frontier as Arcview Data Partner (New Cannabis Ventures)

// Governor Shumlin issues nearly 200 pardons for minor marijuana convictions (Vermont Biz)

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// Marijuana Sales Totaled $6.7 Billion In 2016 (Forbes)

// District Attorney Kim Ogg: No jail for marijuana misdemeanors (CW 39)

// Medical marijuana commission decides $100,000 cultivation license fee (KATV 7 ABC)

// Free marijuana to be handed out Inauguration Day (USA Today)

// Olympic Athlete Challenging US Travel Ban for Past Marijuana Use (Marijuana Industry News)

// Artist who made Hollywood sign read ‘Hollyweed’ was planning prank for weeks (NY Daily News)

// Republican Senator Attacks Elizabeth Warren Over Marijuana (

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