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An FDA building in Maryland.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Friday, December 9, 2016 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

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// Marijuana Legalization Activist Could Lead Trumps FDA (

// Activists Roll Joint, Offer Free Pot at Jeff Sessions Office as Threats Swirl to Legalization Framework (US News & World Report)

// DEA: ‘media attention’ is making it tough to put people in jail for marijuana (NOLA)


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// Implementing the New Oregon Cannabis Rules Has Been Bad for Business (BDS Analytics)

// Oregon marijuana ads flourish on Craigslist (Statesman Journal)

// Arkansas governor announces Medical Marijuana Commission appointments (KATV 7 ABC)

// Report: Colorado poised to top 3000 MJ business licenses in 2017 (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Multinational firm with roots in Canada makes moves into Colorado cannabis (The Cannabist)

// New York to Allow Medical Marijuana Wholesaling (Marijuana Industry News)

// Pardons offered to some Vermonters with marijuana possession convictions (MyNBC 5 News)

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