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A beautiful sunset graces Two Medicine Lake and Sinopah Mountain in Montana.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Wednesday, November 23, 2016 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Montana Cannabis Industry Association suing to begin the issuing of medical marijuana cards (KTVH NBC)

// Rapper Launches Investment Fund for Cannabis (Marijuana Industry News)

// 8 grams of marijuana surrendered at Fairbanks airport clarifies rules on flying with pot in Alaska (Alaska Dispatch News)

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// Montana Legislature prepares to regulate medical cannabis, again (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Canada to Cut Cannabis Reimbursement for Veterans While Now Covering Oils (New Cannabis Ventures)

// The pot industry is desperate for good accounting software (Quartz)

// Nashville Gives Middle Finger to Tennessee Attorney General Over Pot Decriminalization (Merry Jane)

// State warns Oregon MJ growers about unapproved pesticides (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Expansion coming to NYS medical marijuana program (WHEC 10 NBC)

// Will smoking marijuana be allowed in Massachusetts casinos? (Mass Live)

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