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Head Prohibitionist Kevin Sabet is going to need a new job in a few years.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Wednesday, November 16, 2016 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// National anti-pot group SAM takes stock post-election: ‘No one’s closing up shop over here’ (The Cannabist)

// Opponents of legalized marijuana set to request recount, at cost of $500,000 (Portland Press Herald)

// Growers forced to torch moldy marijuana as record rainfall takes toll on Oregon crops (Register Guard)

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// Data Dive: Legalization No Longer a Partisan Issue, 2016 Election Data Show (Leafly)

// Potential New Top Democrat Supports Marijuana Reform (

// Clark County DA not pursuing minor marijuana possession cases post-Question 2 (KTNV ABC 13)

// Vermont Lawmakers Will Push To Legalize Pot, Against Gov. Elect Scott’s Urging (Vermont Public Radio)

// Oakland-owned public bank would serve cannabis industry (KTVU Fox 2 News)

// High-CBD products are gaining traction in pot shops and reaching beyond typical consumers, new report shows (The Cannabist)

// Colorado governor calls marijuana gray market “a clear and present danger” (Denver Post)

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Photo: Kevin Sabet

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