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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Weinholzt of Utah holds a press conference about medical marijuana reform.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Friday, October 21, 2016 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Democrat running for Utah governor unveils medical marijuana plan (Fox 13 Salt Lake City)

// Group sues over some Broward ballots missing marijuana question (Sun Sentinel)

// Marijuana Lights Up State Ballots (New York Times)

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// California readies landmark water rules for cannabis cultivators (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Majority of Montana voters oppose medical marijuana initiative, poll shows (Missoulian)

// Massachusetts Senate President: I’m Voting for Cannabis Question (Leafly)

// ‘But this is just drug abuse and it’s not medicine’: Arkansas medical marijuana opponents launch first TV ad (The Cannabist)

// Gummies overtake chocolate in Colorado cannabis edibles space (Confectionery News)

// Signal Bay Completes Purchase of Portland Cannabis Testing Lab (EconoTimes)

// Alaska Railroad sees hope in marijuana industry and other areas as profits drop (Alaska Dispatch News)

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Photo: Mike Weinholtz for Governor

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