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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Thursday, October 20, 2016 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Sixty Percent of Americans Support Legal Pot (Time)

// Battle lines drawn on potential changes to Maryland medical marijuana law (Baltimore Sun)

// Lawmakers: no comment on delegate’s medical marijuana roles (WMDT 47 ABC)

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// Adelson gives $2M to fight Nevada pot measure (Las Vegas Sun)

// Alberta justice minister to get cannabis crash course in Colorado (Calgary Herald)

// Our View: Maine needs rational pot policy, so vote ‘yes’ on Question 1 (Portland Press Herald)

// Medical marijuana doesn’t make for more teenage stoners (The Verge)

// U-Haul, Ducey, join Discount Tire, chamber, GOP in campaign against marijuana legalization, Prop. 205 (Phoenix Business Journal)

// Anchorage Assembly Authorizes 2 Marijuana Licenses & Examines 4th Avenue Theatre Permit (Your Alaska Link)

// Ex-Bears QB Jim McMahon Stumps for Arizona Legalization (Leafly)

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