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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Tuesday, October 11, 2016 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Journal Poll: Pot legalization has widespread, growing support (Albuquerque Journal)

// Caesars Plans to Crack Down on Cannabis Consumption at Industry Conference in November (New Cannabis Ventures)

// Clinton Gave Thumbs Down to Legal Marijuana, Leak Shows (Marijuana.com)

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// 2 Florida papers do an about-face on Amendment 2, call for yes on medical pot (Florida Politics)

// Colorado marijuana has ‘permeated nearly all parts of Kansas’, report from Kansas AG says (Topeka Capital-Journal)

// Culinary union’s endorsement of Question 2 gives marijuana supporters a boost (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

// Safe Montana files complaint against magazine ads (Billings Gazette)

// Legalizing pot will take money from criminals, says travel show host Rick Steves (Mass Live)

// What has to happen before you could buy marijuana without a prescription in Maine (Bangor Daily News)

// Debate grows over when Ohio physicians can begin recommending medical marijuana (ABC News 5 Cleveland)

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