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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Thursday, September 29, 2016 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Chelsea Clinton ‘misspoke’ on marijuana risks, spokeswoman says (Washington Post)

// Virginia Gov Supports Medical Marijuana But Isn’t Hopeful (

// ‘It’s a disaster’: Oregon marijuana businesses push back against Oct. 1 regulation changes (The Cannabist)

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// Berkeley’s Amoeba Music granted license to sell marijuana (Fact Mag)

// WBZ-UMass Poll: Voters Favor Legal Recreational Marijuana, But Have Reservations (CBS Boston)

// Arizona DES director sends anti-marijuana email to employees (AZ Central)

// 2 arrested in MCSO investigation of marijuana operation (AZ Central)

// Feds launch major raid on illegal marijuana operations in southeast Colorado (The Cannabist)

// SafeMontana files complaint against medical marijuana initiative campaign (KTVA 2 News)

// Conor McGregor Spent Last Night Smoking Joints In New York City (UpRoxx)

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