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Prohibitionist Kevin Sabet holds up two bags of candy- one of which he said was medicated.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Friday, September 23, 2016 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Anti-Pot Crusader Kevin Sabet Loses Marijuana Gummies At Boston Forum (Weed News)

// Missouri Secretary of State Pushes Legislature on Medical Mariuana (

// 2018 Michigan marijuana legalization vote petition drive planned (Michigan Live)

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// Medical Marijuana Company Has Financial Issues (WGRZ)

// One down two to go: Court rejects challenge to Arkansas medical marijuana plan (The Cannabist)

// Army bans Alaska soldiers from attending marijuana festivals and events (Alaska News Dispatch)

// Bill might curb marijuana reciprocity (Toledo Blade)

// How one of America’s most visible Fortune 1000 giants quietly snuck into the cannabis industry (The Cannabist)

// In Florida’s cannabis cash race, pro-weed group has the edge for now (Palm Beach Post)

// SAFEMontana investigated for possible campaign finance violations (NBC Montana)

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