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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Monday, September 12, 2016 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Black lawmakers want more diversity in medical marijuana business (New Haven Register)

// College High: Students Are Using More Marijuana, Fewer Opioids (NPR)

// Arizona’s governor asked voters to fact-check whether pot is safer than alcohol. So we did. (Washington Post)

These headlines are brought to you by our friends at Students for Sensible Drug Policy, the leading group of student activists fighting to bring an end to the drug war. Join them today, Monday, September 12 in Brooklyn, NY for one of their signature Sensible Soiree events. They’ll be gathering at the Hill Country Barbecue Market on 245 Adams Street in Brooklyn from 8pm to 11pm following the big Arcview Group event taking place today and Tuesday. Click over for more details.

// Canada Wants the U.S. to Change Its ‘Ludicrous’ Marijuana Policy (Time)

// Two of Canada’s big five banks backing away from marijuana industry (Herald News)

// Maine Chiefs of Police Association comes out against Question 1 (WLBZ)

// Sheriff: Medical marijuana bills may aid criminals (Detroit News)

// California Highway Patrol stresses neutral position on marijuana legalization (Sacramento Bee)

// Philly mulls home delivery of medical marijuana (

// Oregon officials propose policy tweak to nudge marijuana stores into new regulated market (Oregon Live)

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