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A photo of MI Legalize turning in ballots put upside down

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Thursday, August 25, 2016 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Pot legalization proposal kept off Michigan ballot (The Detroit News)

// Sponsor defends medical marijuana initiative against lawsuit (WTHV 11 CBS)

// Maryland Medical marijuana panel releases applicant rankings (Baltimore Sun)

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// A Greener Weed: Certified Pesticide-Free Cannabis Comes to Colorado (Modern Farmer)

// Marley Natural cannabis brand gets approval as Santa Rosa’s first pot processor (The Press Democrat)

// Marley Natural Premium Cannabis Products Launch in Oregon (Marijuana Industry News)

// Memphis Police Vow to Block the Decriminalization of Marijuana (Merry Jane)

// Cherry Creek schools superintendent: We haven’t received any pot money (Fox 31 Denver)

// Governor appoints Nicholas Miller to Alaska’s marijuana control board (KTUU 2 NBC)

// Brooklyn Garden That Was Shut Down Over Marijuana Plants Will Reopen (New York Times)

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Photo: MI Legalize

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