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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Friday, August 5, 2016 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// CORRECTION: On our Wednesday show, we reported that Humboldt county voters would consider a marijuana cultivation tax of $1-3 per plant this fall. That was incorrect, the actual proposed tax is $1-3 per square foot. We apologize for the error and thank listener Humboldt Mama for the heads-up.

// Federal marijuana charge against Oregon teen dropped (NWCN News)

// Pioneering Denver MJ Business Sold to Willie’s Reserve Processor (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Dixie Brands Valuation to Exceed $160mm in Pending Capital Raise (New Cannabis Ventures)

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// Police Say Marijuana Dispensaries Aren’t Big Targets For Thieves (Oregon Public Broadcasting)

// Let the State Decide: Medical Marijuana Backers Sue Secretary of State (KDLT NBC News)

// Prop 64 campaign sues over claims by anti-marijuana camp (Orange County Register)

// Backlog of medical pot applications criticized (Albuquerque Journal)

// Libertarians defend Olympia bar owner’s private marijuana smoking club (The Olympian)

// Meet the Oregon man who wants to roll you a $10,000 joint (Oregon Live)

// Mother’s Parental Rights Terminated for Smoking Marijuana (PR Newswire)

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