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ISIS fighters drive around waving flags

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Tuesday, August 2, 2016 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// ISIS Says Legalizing Marijuana Is ‘Deviance’ (Marijuana.com)

// Bill allowing medical marijuana for PTSD victims heads to Christie’s desk (Shore News Today)

// Holyoke’s Alex Morse becomes 1st Massachusetts mayor to support marijuana legalization ballot question (Mass Live)

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// Medical marijuana advocate dies of cancer while on trial (The Japan Times)

// Colorado cop talks legal weed at police conference in Indianapolis (RTV ABC 6 News)

// Former Giant Leonard Marshall prepares to bring own marijuana-based product to market when legal (NY Daily News)

// Schulte uprooted from Marijuana Control Board (Alaska Journal of Commerce)

// Marijuana aids Sonoma County Alzheimer’s patients (The Press Democrat)

// Kennedy group puts $2 million into fight against pot-legalization measures (LA Times)

// MS patient’s war for weed wins Croatia a legal high (Malay Mail Online)

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