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Women Grow's new CEO Leah Heise

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Tuesday, July 5, 2016 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Maryland Attorney Leah Heise Named CEO of Women Grow (Leafly)

// Justice Department Blocks Release of Anti-Marijuana Talking Points (Marijuana.com)

// As Arkansas petitions flow in, 50 pore over names (Arkansas Online)

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// AUMA Legalization Measure on November Ballot as Prop. 64 (California NORML)

// Marijuana Compound Removes Alzheimer’s-Related Protein From Nerve Cells (Huffington Post)

// Marijuana dispensaries delayed (The Garden Island)

// Medical Marijuana Database Operational (Marijuana Industry News)

// Second Louisiana University Opts In to Grow Medical Cannabis (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Buying medical marijuana on Groupon? (NBC 2 News Florida)

// Santa Cruz County: Seabreeze Tavern loses liquor license, plans to serve marijuana-based drinks (The Mercury News)

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